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ALERT! Wisconsin planning to declare open season on cats!

This is no joke. Wisconsin is making plans to allow hunters to shoot feral cats. How they propose to ensure that a family pet isn’t targeted is an open question but what’s certainly laughable is that their report finds that feral cats kill between 47 and 139 million songbirds a year, the main reason the bill is being sponsored. It’s nice to see they’ve got the number down to a tidy range of 100 million or so although it sounds more like they’re simply making the numbers up. But never underestimate the depths to which a man will go to assuage poor self-esteem than by shooting helpless animals. Visit Don’t Shoot the Cat to learn more and add your voice to the rising tide of opposition.

Update: In a statewide vote on April 11th, voters approved the plan 6800 to 5100 but this doesn’t mean it’s now the law. The provision still has to be approved by legislators and that’s not a done deal, and even the Governor is saying « No freakin’ way, man! ». Good for him.

Now, there’s no doubt that the feral cat situation needs some attention, so here’s my solution:

• Push for inexpensive, or free, spay-neutering programs in your community.

• Require all pets to be licensed unless you keep your animals indoors 24/7.

• If a free-roaming pet is caught by officials the animal would have to be neutered before it could be returned, and the fine would be the full cost of the operation.

These steps would a powerful effect on reducing the overpopulation problem and the neutering programs could be funded by the lessened need for animal control. Breeders, by keeping their animals indoors, could still keep a constant supply of pets ready for an eager, pet-loving populace.